Welcome to the 77 McMurrich Street community

Front entrance to 77 McMurrich

Welcome to the 77 McMurrich Street official web site. We hope you will find it useful. The purpose of the site is to provide a means for the Board of Directors to communicate with you and for you to communicate with the board.

Important notices will continue to be posted in the mailroom and/or elevator and very important messages will be delivered to your door. But many issues are not worthy of that treatment or require detailed explanations that donít work well through those approaches. Thatís where the web site comes in.

See "Board of Directors" for the board membersí email addresses and See "Frontline" for the contact information of our Property Managers, our Concierges and the Superintendent. We urge you to use the board email addresses to advise us of your concerns and ideas. You can also use the handy See "Feedback" page to communicate with the board.

We urge you to provide us with your email address - see "Email Sign Up". By giving us your email address, we will send you copies of all important notices, etc. without you having to visit the website periodically to see if thereís anything new. There will be times when we may wish to share information that we donít want to have on a public web site and we will use your email. These addresses will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone but the webmaster. You can have your name removed from the distribution list at any time. (See "Email Sign Up")

We want to thank Jay Schwartz for building the web site and volunteering to maintain it. Jay can be reached at webmaster@77mcmurrich.ca

The Board of Directors