Front line personnel
These people are the public face of 77 McMurrich Street. They work for you to ensure the smooth operation of the condominimum.

Concierge service is provided by
         Security Management Services
        1574 Queen Street East
        Toronto, Ontario M4L 1G1
        Telephone: 416-360-1902

The concierge currently on duty can be reached by e-mail at
The telephone number is 416-920-7464

These are some of the individuals we see at work at the front desk:

Property management is provided by
         Kipling Realty Management Inc.
        111 Peter St. Suite 230
        Toronto, Ontario M5V 2H1
        Telephone: 416-979-2230

Our contact is
        Danielle Brooks, Property Manager

           Massimo "Max" Spadafora Building superintent Max

      Telephone: 416-713-4209